Clean energy sector hurting just like oil and gas industry


The nation’s oil and gas sector isn’t the only industry hurting in this COVID-19 pandemic. A new report says the nation’s clean energy sector added back only about 24,000 jobs last month and still left more than 454,000 workers unemployed in the sector since February.

BW Research Partnership said it amounted to a 13% decline over employment levels prior to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“While the nation’s overall jobs recovery has stalled over the last several months, the clean energy sector has been particularly slow to rebound,” stated the new report.

“Concerns raised in memoranda from prior months continue, including record-breaking levels of new and continuing unemployment claims and the exhaustion of many programs from earlier stimulus.”

In other words, three out of the four out-of-work clean energy workers are still looking for employment. While clean energy activists want a Biden administration to avoid fossil fuels, the clean energy job growth was less than 1% according to the report.

BP Research stated that renewable electric power generation saw a gain of only about 4,000 jobs in October and a total of nearly 72,000 renewable electric power generation workers are still unemployed because of the pandemic.

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