Kraken Oil and Gas Partners deploys Digital Flare Mitigation Systems at Four Sites in Montana and North Dakota


Montana’s largest Bakken oil producer, Kraken Oil & Gas of Houston has engaged Denver-based Crusoe Energy Systems Inc.  to deploy 18 Digital Flare Mitigation modules between three oil and gas production sites in eastern Montana and one site in North Dakota. Crusoe’s deployments with Kraken are the first of their kind in Montana,

The projects have been successfully deployed and are operating in the field currently. Cumulatively, Kraken’s DFM projects reduce natural gas flaring by millions of cubic feet per day, significantly curtail emissions, and provide an innovative beneficial use for otherwise flared natural gas.

Kraken produces ~40,000 barrels of oil per day from ~320 wells. In Montana the company produces ~10,000 barrels of oil per day from ~60 wells. The majority of Kraken’s wells sell gas into traditional pipelines for processing at gas plants around the basin; however, a portion of the company’s acreage is located in areas where pipeline capacity is limited or unavailable. In these areas, Kraken has deployed Crusoe’s DFM solution to capture gas that would otherwise be stranded or flared.

Crusoe installs modular computing systems powered entirely by gas that was otherwise being flared.

“People sometimes talk about technology as though it only happens in Silicon Valley,” said Alan Olson, Executive Director at Montana Petroleum Association. “These Digital Flare Mitigation projects are an excellent reminder of the incredible ingenuity and technological sophistication within the oil and gas industry here in Montana. Kraken is headquartered in Houston, TX with additional field offices in Sidney, MT, Williston, ND and Stanley, ND.


Source: BusinessWire