Author and scientist says Oklahoma can be a leader in renewable energy


After 40 years in the energy industry, scientist and author Jack Kerfoot, a native of Tulsa now living in Portland, Oregon makes the claim that Oklahoma is well-positioned to become a leader in renewable energy.

He recently espoused his views in an interview with KRMG radio of Tulsa and explained that he once sat down to dinner with legendary oil man T. B, Boone Pickens, another native Oklahoman.

That conversation, Kerfoot told KRMG, led him to “start to understand the importance and the advantages of new, renewable energy.”

He drew a parallel to the transitions from timber, to coal, then subsequently to oil and natural gas, in arguing that the switch to renewable energy is inevitable, and will be based primarily on economic considerations.

Indeed, he argues, the transition is well under way, and has been since the passage of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

Moreover, he believes Oklahoma is well-positioned to become a leader in renewable energy.

This isn’t about any “Green New Deal,” he stresses, and makes it clear he thinks the hype over that particular process has done little but muddy the water, making what he sees as essential economic reality into a political football.

“Representative Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’ was based on no understanding of any of the energy issues in the United States, or in the world. And the reality of it was it sounded good and played good on the headlines, but to be blunt, it was ludicrous. It’s done more to harm renewable energy than anything else.”

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