Sen. Lankford says wind industry no longer needs tax credits


U.S. Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., called for an end to tax credits for the wind industry during a visit to the Enid News & Eagle Tuesday afternoon.

Lankford expressed support for wind energy, but said the time has come to remove production tax credits for the industry.

 “I don’t have a problem with wind energy,” Lankford said. “It’s one of many good sources of energy we have.”

But, he added, “wind is profitable on its own.”

According to American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), Oklahoma ranks third nationwide for installed wind capacity, representing more than $15 billion in capital investment; the industry pays $107 million annually in state and local taxes, and supported more than 6,000 jobs in 2019.

Lankford said the industry’s success is it’s own argument for ending tax credits.

“It’s very clear they don’t need a federal tax benefit to make that work,” Lankford said.

Source: Enid News and Eagle