$40 million Boeing contract awarded for new KC 46 tanker


Engineering Boeing won a $40 million contract modification for KC-46 engineering, manufacturing, and development.

The new refueling tanker is based at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kansas but Tinker Air Force Base recently received its first KC-46 Pegasus. Altus Air Force Base received its first several months ago as crews receive their training there.

While Boeing is headquartered in Seattle, it also has major operations at Tinker Air Force Base.

The new contract provides for qualification test of the components and full life qualification of the actuator, as well as for conducting lab test, ground test and flight test verifications.

The KC-46A Aerial Refuelling Aircraft has a maximum fuel capacity of 212,000lb. The aircraft is fitted with a flush-mounted air-to-air refuelling receptacle capable of accepting fuel at 1,200gal/min.

The tanker is capable of carrying 18 cargo pallets, as well as transporting 58 passengers normally and up to 114 passengers during contingency operations. The tanker aircraft also provides urgent aeromedical evacuation by transporting 54 medical patients. The maximum takeoff weight of the tanker aircraft will be 415,000lb (188,241kg).

Work will take place in Seattle, and is expected to be completed December 31, 2023

Source: Defense Industry Daily