Vertical well driller plans more exploration in Oklahoma’s Alfalfa County


Straight-hole driller Trans Pacific Oil Corporation is planning on more drilling in northern Oklahoma.

The Wichita, Kansas-based company received two permits to drill this week from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. The permits are for Alfalfa County and involved two wells on a single pad at 32 29N 12W, a site about 5 miles northeast of the community of Capron which sits along state highway 11.

Trans Pacific says the total drilling depth is anticipated at 5,600 feet in the Woodford and Misener formations.

The wells are the Kisling A#1-32 and the Kisling A SWDW #2-32. reported that as of March 2020, Trans Pacific was in 19 counties with production and had 105 currently-producing leases. The company had a total of 336 total leases with 904 total wells, most in Kansas.

In recent months, Trans Pacific, a company with only 21 employees, found itself in a fight before the Corporation Commission as it sought to protect its vertical wells from what it labeled “invasive and potentially harmful horizontal frac damages and drainage.”

Eventually, an Administrative Law Judge agreed with Trans Pacific in its fight to protect three Woods County producing wells from nearby horizontal drilling requested by BCE-Mach. The judge denied BCE-Mach’s request for 640-acre spacing which would have overlaid the existing 40-acre spacing units.