OK regulators want input on rulemaking changes


The people in charge of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s rulemaking process have a problem.

They’ve asked operators statewide for suggestions concerning any recommended changes of the regulatory agency’s Chapter 5 rules. A notice went out on July 14 from the Commission’s Judicial and Legislative Services Division.

But in an updated request sent on Friday, Jeff W. Kline, Deputy General Counsel said no one has responded.

“We would greatly appreciate it if you could please review the Chapter 5 rules and propose any redline suggestions. At this time, no meetings are scheduled to discuss future revisions; however, we will consider arranging an industry meeting after receiving responses,” he stated in the email announcement.


“We sent an email on July 14th asking for input concerning the need for future amendments to the Chapter 5 rules; however, as of today, we have not received any suggested revisions.”

Please submit any redline change to Jeff Kline at Jeff.Kline@occ.ok.gov before September 4, 2020.

Source: OCC