Midland-Odessa, Texas area shaken by earthquakes


The residents of Midland and Odessa, Texas were shaken early Monday morning by a 3.2 magnitude earthquake, following an earlier quake Sunday evening.

Reports indicate the 3.2 shaker happened at 5:45 a.m. and struck in Midland County near the Ector and Midland County line.

A 2.4 magnitude quake was recorded Sunday night, around 6 miles northeast of Odessa according to earthquaketrack.com.

The website showed an earthquake happened around 9:18 p.m., 6.2 miles away from Odessa and at a depth of 4.6 miles. Earthquake.com reports that the quake is the first near Odessa in the last seven days, the fourth in the past 40 days and the 41st in the past 365 days.

UPSeis, which describes itself as an educational site for budding seismologists, describes an earthquake with a magnitude of 2.5 or less as being “usually not felt, but can be recorded by seismograph.” The site shows an estimated 900,000 quakes in that magnitude range take place each year.

There was no speculation whether extensive oil drilling in the Permian Basin was connected to the quakes as was the case in Oklahoma.

Source: Midland Reporter-Telegram