Wells are still being drilled in the state


Houston’s Marathon Oil has struck a big one in Oklahoma’s SCOOP, one with production of nearly 2,100 barrels of oil a day. It was a single well, not a series of wells on a single pad.

The Bowser 0304-18-5sxh is located at 17 3N 4W or about 6 miles south of the city of Lindsay in Garvin County. The amended completion report, showing perforation data indicated the well had a spud date of April 11, 2019 and drilling finished in June of last year with completion made October 22, 2019. The well had a depth of 20,052 feet in the Springer formation.

The partnership between Mach resources LLC and Bayou City Energy Management LLC, known as Bce-mach LLC has been active in the state as it vowed to be last year when the company announced the acquisition of producing properties in Beckham, Custer, Dewey, Roger Mills and Washita Counties, Oklahoma and Hemphill and Roberts Counties, Texas from an undisclosed seller.

It was the second deal reached between the two companies as they expanded their drilling inventory in the Western Anadarko Basin. This week, Bce-mach LLC filed completion reports on three wells in Alfalfa County and two in Woods County.

The three Alfalfa County wells had production of 96, 145 and 83 barrels of oil a day while the two Woods County wells produced 258 and 93 barrels of oil a day.

The Alfalfa County wells were drilled in an area several miles south of the city of Cherokee. The wells in Woods County were drilled in an area northeast of the city of Freedom.

Bce-mach LLC operates wells from producing properties across 32 counties in Oklahoma and seven counties in Texas.