Stephens County has been kind to active Ovintiv

Ovintiv Mid-Continent Inc. made it a third well drilled at a Stephens County pad making combined production totaling nearly 1,600 barrels of oil a day.

The third completion report was filed Friday with state regulators, showing the Mary J-2-4 well drilled at 24 2N 4W, west of Elmore City,  had production of 549 barrels of oil a day and 3,294 Mcf of natural gas from a depth of 20,561 feet in the Woodford formation.

The well had a September 2019 spud date and drilling finished in November with completion made January 20, 2020. Two completion reports filed earlier showed wells with production of 434 and 1,840 Mcf and 597 and 2,731 Mcf.

Ovintiv has been one of the most active oil and gas companies in recent weeks in the state, filing several completion reports on wells in the STACK and SCOOP with large amounts of produced oil.