Aubrey McClendon’s estate remains unsettled

Four years after noted Oklahoma oilman Aubrey McClendon died in a fiery crash of his SUV into a concrete bridge abutment in north Oklahoma City, his estate is still being settled in Oklahoma County Probate Court.

The most recent filing by his estate’s attorney Thomas J. Blalock asked for additional time to allow or reject certain creditor claims.

Several claims are outstanding include those by Arcadia Capital, BancFirst, dHybrid, Inc. and SCC Funding, LLC. Blalock asked the court to extend a deadline to handle the claims to July 31, 2020.

At a December hearing, District Judge Richard W. Kirby approved a payment of $391,849.59 in estate funds to pay Blalock for his legal services to the estate.

The original probate filing was made March 18, 2016, 16 days after McClendon’s death. At one point, claims against the estate amounted to millions of dollars including by by Oaktree SC AE SCOOP Holdings LLC which totaled $136,500,000.

Duke University also filed a claim for $9,942,000 which it said was in the form of pledges made by McClendon to the school. One totaled $5 million for work/study scholarships while another $5 million pledge was for a football program project.