Vanguard Group’s investment in ONEOK and Devon Energy

A required filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission shows nearly 12 percent of ONEOK’s shares are controlled by the Pennsylvania-based Vanguard Group and nearly the same amount in Devon Energy.

This week’s filing indicated Vanguard Group controls 48,142,499 beneficially owned shares in ONEOK or 11.65%.

The Malvern, Pennsylvania company has 47,356,551 shares in sole dispositive power and 734,685 in sole voting power. Its shared voting power totals 202,544 shares.

As for its investments in Oklahoma City-based Devon Energy, Vanguard has total control of 45,397,381 shares or 11.81% of Devon’s total shares.

The sole voting power amounts to 585,066 while the shared voting power totals 122,855. Vanguard has sole dispositive power over 44,732,734 shares.

Vanguard is considered to be one of the world’s largest investment management companies with 19 locations across the globe and nearly 18,000 employees.

Source: SEC