Permits to drill for February 10, 2020

Permits to drill issued on February 10, 2020.

Canadian County: 03 12N 7W by Camino Natural Resources LLC.

McClain County: 04 8N 4W by Wildcat SWD 1 LLC.

Noble County: 04 24N 1W by KODA Operating LLC.

McClain County: 06 6N 3W by Native Exploration Operating LLC.

Dewey County: 14 17N 20W by Overflow Energy STACK LLC.

Roger Mills County: 26 18N 25W by Fourpoint Energy LLC.

Woodward County: 26 23N 20W by Woodward Iodine Corporation.

Woods County: 26 28N 17W by BCE-Mach LLC.

Carter County: 27 4S 2W. Two permits for Kodiak Oil and Gas Inc.

Seminole County: 33 7N 6E for Venis Exploration Company.