Oh oh—snow’s back in the forecast for some Oklahomans!

Just as you enjoyed the warmer weather of the past few days, reality of winter returns. Snow returns.

A cold front is hitting the state again and state Climatologist Gary McManus says it will “bring us back down below normal for awhile.”

So it means outdoor workers, those in the oilfields, wind turbine maintenance, power line workers and farmers will have to bundle up.

And he has snow in his forecast.

“There will be a chance of light snow across much of northern Oklahoma Tuesday night through Thursday morning.”

Rain elsewhere.

“This isn’t a very wet system, so not much to
worry about but a bit of slippery travel for a brief window Thursday morning,” he wrote in Monday’s weather update.
“This will be one of the few extended colder than normal periods we’ve seen this winter, and it’s not even going to be too extreme, so a blip on our way to spring.”
Source: Mesonet Update