House Demos lay out 2020 plan but exclude energy and transportation

The Democratic Caucus in the Oklahoma House of Representatives announced its “Brand New State” agenda this week but it included no reference or mention of improving the energy industry.

Instead, the caucus said it will focus on ways to “generate better outcomes in areas of health care, criminal justice, education and the economy.”

“Last year, we proposed an aggressive agenda that focused on trying things in a different way in order to get different results,” said Minority Leader Emily Virgin (D-Norman). “For the last decade, Oklahomans have had a government focused on limiting services while wealthy Oklahomans and corporations have benefited from record tax cuts and credits. It is time to try something new.”

The plan has goals of ending “Oklahoma’s debtor’s prison” and to expand opportunities and put more money in the pockets of working Oklahomans and retirees.

Democrats also say they want to restore the Earned Income Tax Credit and to increase the state minimum wage.

There was no mention of energy. Nor of transportation improvements and funding.

Source:  House Democrats announcement