Gasoline prices rebound in Oklahoma

A week after most states reported a drop in gasoline prices, they rose slightly according to AAA .

The national average rose a penny, reaching an average of $2.44 per gallon this week. Oklahoma’s new average price is $2.15 a gallon, up about two cents compared to a week ago.

Averages in the state’s major metro areas rose a few cents. Tulsa’s increased from $2.04 last week to $2.09 this week while the price in Oklahoma City went up two cents a gallon, from $2.10 to $2.12 per gallon. Another price source, GasBuddy reported some Oklahoma City stations were pumping gas for as low as $1.86 per gallon.

The average in Lawton remained at $2.05 a gallon. Prices in Walters and other areas of Cotton County in the southwest are lowest at $2.02 a gallon. Nowata County in the northeast reports an average of $2.04 a gallon.

Highest prices? Most in the western reaches of the state. The highest average is in the city of Hollis and the rest of Harmon County in the southwest where drivers pay an average of $2.46 per gallon. Three counties report an average of $2.44 per gallon—Ellis, Woods and Coal Counties.

Oklahoma’s average of $2.15 compares to $2.17 in Kansas, $2.43 in Colorado, $2.35 in New Mexico, $2.10 in Texas, $2.16 in Arkansas and $2.10 in Missouri.

Source: AAA Oklahoma