Teachers learn about oil and gas from OERB

More than 30 Oklahoma City Public School teachers participated in an immersive professional development day hosted by the people of Oklahoma oil and natural gas this week. The day included hands-on learning, a keynote speaker and a tour of a drilling rig.

Stephanie Bradley, Senior Environmental Advisor at Enbridge served as the keynote. She provided an overview of Enbridge’s operations and environmental programs, including their most recent efforts to support monarch butterfly habitats. The teachers also visited a rig operated by Unit Drilling Company near Calumet, OK. This opportunity provided educators a real-world experience and enhanced their knowledge of Oklahoma’s largest industry and the associated career opportunities.

The teachers were also given more insight into STEM applications in the oil and natural gas industry through hands-on activities in three of the OERB’s curricula. At the end of the day, each teacher received a kit of materials to be used in their STEAM center. STEAM is the correct acronym because some schools have incorporated art into their technical programs.

Through the OERB, the people of Oklahoma oil and natural gas previously contributed $300,000 to create 10 STEM labs in Oklahoma City Elementary Schools. Hosting this professional development day, was a continued commitment to ensure educators have the knowledge and resources they need to inspire the next generation of our workforce.


Source: OERB