Energy news in brief

** National NAACP leaders tell local and state chapters to not accept money from utilities that put up barriers to clean energy policies.

** A Missouri lawmaker proposes a bill that would allow companies to add the cost of new nuclear or renewable generation to customer rates while the projects are under construction. 

** The Trump administration’s plan to remove climate change considerations from a key federal environmental law could clear the way for projects like the Keystone XL pipeline.

** House Natural Resources Chairman Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.) is planning to formally seek authorization to issue subpoenas to the Interior Department this month as part of the committee’s effort to obtain information about the Bureau of Land Management’s move to relocate its headquarters to Colorado.

** Officials in Bellingham, Washington will consider a plan to ban all natural gas heating in homes — including in existing structures.

** A federal judge rules California can begin prohibiting the sale of several types of less-efficient light bulbs even as the U.S. Department of Energy works to reverse the expansion of definitions begun under the Obama administration.

** DALLAS-based Oilfield Water Logistics , a leading provider of produced water infrastructure solutions in the Permian and Powder River Basins, announced it has acquired a portfolio of operating assets in New Mexico from a major Permian Basin oil producer, including 23 saltwater disposal wells and 300 miles of water gathering pipelines. Neither the seller nor the acquisition price were disclosed.