Three Devon wells in STACK bring in production

Not far from where Newfield Exploration found its Honey Hole and 5 wells with combined production of more than 4,000 barrels of oil a day, Devon Energy reported three wells with production of nearly 1,500 barrels of oil daily in Oklahoma’s STACK.

Completion reports showed Devon completed three Brachiosaurus 23 26-15n-9w wells at 23 15N 9W  in Kingfisher County or about 11 miles southwest of the city of Kingfisher. All three produced oil from the Mississippian formation with depths ranging from 20,124 feet to 20,283 feet.

The largest produced 553 barrels of oil daily and 1,567 Mcf of gas. Another had production of 518 barrels of oil and 1,443 Mcf of natural gas a day. The third and smallest had production of 384 barrels of oil daily and 1,245 Mcf of natural gas.

Each had spud dates in December 2018 with completions made in June 2019.

Other completion reports were from Continental Resources Inc.. The firm had three wells in Grady County ranging in production from 432 at the highest to 172 barrels of oil a day at the lowest. Two wells were in the Springer formation while the third produced oil from the Woodford formation.