STACK yields 6,000 barrels of oil a day from 3 sister wells

Harold Hamm received quite a gift as he stepped down as Chief Executive Officer and moved up to Executive Chairman of Continental Resources Inc., the company he founded 52 years ago.

The same week his firm made the announcement of a new CEO, the company filed completion reports on three STACK wells that had combined production of more than 6,000 barrels of oil a day.

The Reba Jo wells are located at 13 15N 11W in Blaine County or a pad site about 5 miles southeast of Watonga. One was actually drilled in 2017 but its completion report indicated the return to the site was “to finish drilling and completing well.” But two others were drilled on the same pad with combined production of 6,078 barrels of oil a day.

The largest producer had 2,489 barrels of oil and 7,222 Mcf of gas coming out of the Mississippi Lime at a depth of 16,352 feet It had a March 2019 spud date with completion made in August 2019.

The 2017 well that was finally completed had production of 2,095 barrels of oil a day and 5,681 Mcf of natural gas at a depth of 16,132 feet. Its spud date was in June of 2017 but drilling was finished in May 2019 and completion in August 2019.

The third well had production of 1,494 barrels of oil a day and 4,622 Mcf of natural gas from a depth of 21,239 feet. A March 2019 spud date was reported and completion was made in July 2019.

Continental also completed seven other wells in Grady County including four on a single pad.

Major County saw Crawley Petroleum Corporation complete two wells at separate sites.