Sierra Club to wage fight against Oklahoma’s oil and gas industry

The Oklahoma chapter of the Sierra Club is making it clear it will continue to wage a fight against the state’s oil and gas industry in the new year.

In a message to club members aking for more money, Oklahoma Chapter President Johnson Bridgwater vowed his group will “be stepping up and pushing back against Oklahoma’s fossil fuel oligarchy and bad state leadership.”

He told members there is a mountain of work in 2020.

“Our issue list includes water pollution and earthquakes caused by toxic wastewater injection, coal ash groundwater contamination, the waste of millions of gallons of fresh water used for unlimited fracking, mega chicken houses polluting our most protected waters in eastern Oklahoma, and dangerous pipeline projects like Midship Pipeline,” wrote Bridgwater.

He stated the chapter will “be working hard to lead our state and its youth down exciting and prosperous new energy economy paths bathed in sunlight, blown by wind, and made lasting through exciting and innovative new technologies like renewable energy storage.”

Bridgwater contends that a cleaner, greener and healthier Oklahoma will lead to a more prosperous Oklahoma.