OKC’s Kimray extends equipment to Turkey

 Kimray, an Oklahoma City-based manufacturer, has a new agreement with Gemini Enterprises Inc. of Houston, Texas to distribute Kimray’s well-known lines of regulators, control valves, glycol pumps and liquid level controls in Turkey.

Kimray made the announcement Monday.

“Gemini’s heart to serve the customer was evident in our travels together to Turkey,” said Jacob Jennings, International Business Development Manager at Kimray. “They have a deep knowledge of the industry coupled with long-standing relationships. Gemini will do a great job of representing Kimray in Turkey and will further our mission to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.”

Gemini Enterprises, Inc. was incorporated in 1986 and its headquarters and main operations are located at the Port of Houston.

The company serves as a purchasing agent for for oil field, pipeline, petrochemical, geothermal, mining and construction companies overseas. It also supplies other parts and equipment for industrial applications.

Kimray’s announcement stated that the agreement with Gemini emphasizes Kimray’s commitment to continued revenue growth and increased market share for its product lines.

The partnership expands Kimray’s global distribution network and firmly establishes the company’s presence in Turkey’s major oil, gas and geothermal plays.