Newfield opts for SE Oklahoma gas well efforts

Houston’s Newfield Exploration Mid-Con Inc. didn’t ease up its drilling efforts in Oklahoma in the past few months as witnessed by the company’s continued filing of new completion reports—including a three gas well effort in southeast Oklahoma.

The company filed a report showing completion of the Hoile Fed 1611 3h-25x well at 36 16N 11W in Blaine County. The completion report showed the well, completed in April 2019 had production of 486 barrels of oil a day along with 1,116 Mcf of natural gas.

Another STACK well for Newfield was drilled in Kingfisher County. The Corbin 1608 2h-5x well, located at 8 16N 8W or about 7 miles west of Kingfisher had production of 420 barrels of oil a day and 478 Mcf of natural gas. It had a June 2019 completion date in the Mississippian formation.

But the surprise was Newfield’s gas drilling efforts in Coal County. Two were on a single pad at 29 3N 11E or north of the city of Coalgate. The largest of the Cosper 0311 wells had gas production of 12,148 Mcf. The second well’s production was 9,793 Mcf of natural gas and both were out of the Woodford formation.

Newfield had a third gas well at 28 3N 11E. The Brown 0311 4h-33 is adjacent to the two Cosper wells and had production of 7,692 Mcf of natural gas.

Cimarex Energy also reported a well in Kingfisher County with production of 870 barrels of oil a day along with 4,639 Mcf of natural gas. The Billy 3-20h was completed in April 2019 at 20 15N 9W or about 12 miles northwest of Okarche.