Energy news in brief

** A California judge approves PG&E Wildfire settlements bringing the utility closer to exiting bankruptcy. The two settlements totaled $24.5 billion.

** Georgia approves $1.8 billion in rate hikes to cover coal ash cleanup. The rates will allow Georgia Power to charge customers an extra $4 a month by 2022.

** The New York Transit Authority is investing $1.1 billion to purchase 500 electric buses.

** Xcel Energy buys a wind project in southeastern Minnesota that was built in 1999 and recently repowered.

** The dispute between clean energy advocates and landowners over the controversial Grain Belt Express transmission project is poised to resurface in the Missouri legislature next month.

** The White House will stick to a plan released in October over biofuel blending requirements that farmers say does too little for corn growers.

— Southern Illinois residents speak out against a coal mining company’s application for a permit to dump wastewater into a river and creek.

** Nevada fines Nevada Energy $100,000 for failing to comply with orders to set aside $10 million for energy storage system incentives.