Bridenstine says Space Force will be one of Trump’s most important accomplishments

Former Oklahoma Congressman-turned NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine has made a bold prediction—the creation of the U.S. Space Force will be one of the most important accomplishments to come out of the Trump administration.

Interviewed recently on Fox News, the former Tulsa U.S. Representative explained, “When we look back, maybe 15 years from now, we look back to this administration–the most important things that were done under President Trump’s time in office, I think we will look back and say that the Space Force is likely to be the most important thing he has done.”

Bridenstine, a former Navy pilot said the Space Force is about organizing, training and equipping a cadre of professionals to fight and win wars in space. He defended his prediction.

“I tell you why—you will hear the enemies of the U.S., I would say the competitors of the U.S., namely China, they call space the American’s achilles heel. I will tell you President Trump will not allow any competitors of the United States to have an advantage in the way that China has already declared.”

But the Space Force has drawn criticism, namely from opponents of President Trump. Late night comedians and Democrats laughed and suggested the Force would be made up of “knockoff action figures,” that would be fighting “frozen monkeys.” Others called it “childless non-sense.”

Bridenstine’s reaction?

“Those comments would actually be funny if it wasn’t so sad and serious—it’s ignorant.”

He explained that technology developed by space exploration has led to better communications, navigation including GPS for airplanes and even the cars we drive every day. Bridenstine point to other aspects of everyday life.

“It’s how we understand weather. It’s how we predict weather. Every banking transaction is dependent on space. We have a dependence on space that most Americans don’t understand. I’ll tell you who does—-China—-and President Trump.”

Click here to view the Bridenstine interview on Fox News.