$11 million EV recharging plan by Ameren is approved by Missouri regulators

The Missouri Public Service Commission has signed off on an $11 million EV recharging plan proposed by Ameren Missouri. The plan will involve helping businesses provide more than 1,000 electric vehicle charging station’s in Ameren’s service territory.

Ameren is based in St. Louis and beginning next year, business owners will be able to apply for incentives to offset the construction costs of the charging stations. The stations will also be available for workplaces, apartment buildings and public areas.

“More and more electric vehicles are revving up on roads across Missouri. Now is the time to invest in the critical infrastructure to support this trend,” said Pat Justis, Ameren Missouri manager of efficient electrification development. “Bringing more charging stations across our area will help increase adoption of electric vehicles and that means a cleaner and brighter energy future for our customers.”

The company’s three-year program will include the installation of the 1,000 local-level charging stations are more than 350 locations in the St. Louis area. The approval of the plan also included long-distance travel charging stations.

Ameren intends to open the first of eleven charging stations by the end of 2019 and complete the remainder by the end of next year.