Kingfisher County sees more multi-well drilling on single pads

Oklahoma City-based Chaparral Energy LLC reports completions of 11 wells on 3 separate pads in Kingfisher County.  The largest combination of 4 of the wells saw production of 1,265 barrels of oil a day.

The four Jester 1606 wells at 3 16N 6W were drilled in October of 2018 and had completions in April 2019. Production totaled 1,265 at depths from 11,715 feet to 12,100 feet. The wells had production of 192, 160, 368 and 545 barrels of oil a day.

Four Hennessey Unit 1907 wells drilled at 33 19N 7W or about 2 miles west of Hennessey had combined production of 1,491 barrels of oil a day. They had spud dates in February of 2019 and drilling ended in March and April followed by completions in May 2019. The results were wells with production of 341, 325, 455 and 370 barrels of oil a day. Drilling depths ranged from 12,642 to 12,808 feet.

Chaparral’s last multi-well single-pad effort was a mile south of Hennessey along highway 81 at 36 19N 7W. Combined production from the 3 wells was 778 barrels of oil a day. The Hennessey Unit 1907 wells had production of 249, 170 and 359 barrels of oil a day at depths ranging from 12,415 feet to 15,050 feet. Their spud dates were in October of 2018 with completions made in February 2019.

Completion reports filed this week by Bce-mach LLC showed its activity in Woods and Alfalfa Counties.  The company drilled 9 wells, 8 in Alfalfa County and one in Woods. The largest producer was 545 barrels of oil a day.