Energy sector employment rose in July in Oklahoma

Employment in Oklahoma’s energy sector apparently increased from June to July this summer but it also dropped compared to July of 2018.

The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission released the state’s latest jobless figures on Friday showing Oklahoma’s unemployment rate remained at 3.2 percent in July, same as the rate in June.

Out of a labor force of 1,838,159 more than 1,779,600 were employed while only 58,486 did not have jobs. Oklahoma’s 3.2 percent jobless rate compares to the national rate of 3.7 percent.

The state’s jobless rate has held steady at 3.2 percent in May, June and July, compared to 3.2 percent in July of 2018. The jobless rate was 3.3 percent in February, March and April of 2019.

Energy jobs are part of the agency’s Mining and Logging sector which reflected 53,200 workers in July of this year, up from the 52,800 reported in June but also less than the 53,500 reported in July of 2018. The increase from June to July was 0.8 percent while the loss of 300 jobs from a year ago was a decline of 0.6 percent.