Emergency wind farm rules introduced by state regulators

New proposed emergency rules designed to protect U.S. military installations from wind farm encroachment were announced Monday by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

They require wind farm operators to make filings with the Federal Aviation Administration for any new wind towers. One new requirement forces wind farm operators to first file with the FAA then make a similar filing within 30 days to the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission.

A second proposed rule change is the filing of a Determination of No Hazard with the Defense Department. It must also be filed with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission.

New rules are the result of efforts by the state to protect major military installations such as Vance Air Force Base in Enid, Altus Air Force Base in Altus and the air field at Fort Sill Army Post. But Sheppard Air Force Base at Wichita Falls, Texas, located just across the state line is also affected by wind farm operations in Oklahoma.