Devon and Newfield Exploration find big producers in Blaine County

Oil and gas companies Devon Energy and Newfield Exploration each reported big finds in Oklahoma’s STACK play. Devon saw nearly 3,800 barrels of oil a day production from two wells drilled on a single pad near Watonga in Blaine County.

The Chipmunk wells, located about 1.5 miles northwest of Watonga on Airport Road were drilled last spring and completed in the fall of 2018. But their completion reports were not filed until this week. The two wells are located at 11-16N 12W and have combined oil production of 3,761 barrels a day.

Chipmunk 11_2-16N-12W 2hx had the largest production with 2,315 barrels of oil a day along with 5,132 Mcf of natural gas. It was drilled at a total depth of 20,537 feet and was completed with 197,288 barrels of fluid and 15,523,493 pounds of proppant.

The second Chipmunk well, drilled on the same pad had production of 1,446 barrels of oil a day and 7,535 Mcf of natural gas. Its total well depth was 20,671 feet and the company used 251,670 barrels of fluid and 17,799,303 pounds of proppant.


Newfield Exploration hit on four wells drilled from the same pad at 34 16N 10W at a site located 10 miles east of Watonga and south of state highway 3. The Ronnie 1610 wells were spudded and drilling was finished last year with completion January 2019. Their combined total production was 2,050 barrels of oil a day.

One had production of 492 barrels of oil a day and 1,906 Mcf of natural gas. The second had 601 barrels of oil a day and 1,838 Mcf of gas while the third well was largest with production of 746 barrels of oil a day and 2,086 Mcf of natural gas. The last well had production of 211 barrels of oil a day and 637 Mcf of gas.