Bill protecting mineral rights owners wins approval in Oklahoma House

Rep. John Pfeiffer’s bill to protect mineral rights owners from cities and municipalities won approval this week in the State House.

House Bill 2150 was approved on a 64 to 32 vote and sent to the Senate.

Pfeiffer, a Republican from Orlando had earlier seen his bill win overwhelming approval in the House Energy and Natural Resources committee as OK Energy Today initially reported.

The bill would not only ban any municipality or county from interfering in the use of the mineral rights, it would allow a mineral rights holder to file suit against the government.

Pfeiffer has the support of the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association-Oklahoma Oil and Gas Association where President Chad Warmington had earlier applauded committee approval for the measure ” that protects Oklahomans’ property rights while affirming the state’s almost exclusive authority to regulate oil and natural gas development.”

In House debate this week, Rep Pfeiffer cited an ordinance adopted unanimously last fall by the city council in Yukon in which the setback for drilling was increased to 1,000 feet. The ordinance also bans future development of oil and gas wells on city parks.