State Senate energy leaders to know

As the 57th Legislature’s first session is underway at the state capitol those who follow energy and energy-related issues should know the players.

The Energy Committee in the State Senate is chaired by Sen. Mark Allen while Sen. Lonnie Paxton is the vice chair.

Others on the committee are Senators Mary Boren, David Bullard, Julie Daniels, Darcy Jech, Kevin Matthews, Casey Murdock, Marty Quinn, Dave Rader, Rob Standridge and Darrell Weaver.

The Senate’s Natural Resources and Regulatory Services Committee is chaired by Senator Darcy Jech and the vice chair is Senator Wayne Shaw. Other committee members are Larry Boggs, Dave Bullard, J.J. Dossett, Casey Murdock and Roland Pederson.

The Transportation Committee chair is Sen. Rob Standridge while Sen. Micheal Bergstrom is the vice chair. Senators Mark Allen, Larry Boggs, Bill Coleman, Carri Hicks, Kevin Matthews, Greg McCortney, Adam Pugh and Joseph Silk are also on the committee.