Continental’s Project Springboard is paying off

Continental Resources Inc.’ Project Springboard, a massive exploration effort of a 70-square mile area near Chickasha in the SCOOP play continues to pay off.  The company filed a completion report this week showing one well with production of 1,210 Boed along with 1,290 Mcf of natural gas.

The Triple H 4-30-31hs located at 30 7N 5W is producing out of the Goddard Formation at a site about 8 miles east of Chickasha. The Triple well had a spud date of October 22, 2017 and drilling ended in January with completion made on March 17, 2018.

Continental is using at least 14 drilling rigs to explore an estimated 45,000 acres and three reservoirs. The company, in its third quarter earnings issuance this week indicated its SCOOP production averaged 63,270 Boe per day which was an increase of 10% from a year ago.

Oklahoma City’s Devon Exploration reports another significant well in the STACK, one with production of 1,302 Boed along with 10,819 Mcf of natural gas. The Cheetah 32_29-15n-10w 1hx is located at 32 15N 10W or about 5 miles east of the Blaine county community of Greenfield. It is producing out of the Mississippian and the Mississippi Lime. The well had a March 2018 spud date and drilling finished in April with completion made August 28, 2018.