What drought? None exists in latest Drought Monitor report

Oklahoma has received enough rain in the past few months that 61 percent of the state is reporting no drought conditions. Only a small part of the southwest corner of the state is listed in the Extreme Drought category, the fourth worst of the five drought categories.

It means farm ponds across the state have water and in many cases, they are resources for oil and gas drilling operations.

The latest drought monitor shows only one-half of one percent of Oklahoma is in the extreme drought while none of the state is in the Exceptional Drought, which is the worst category. Three months ago, 24 percent of the state was in the extreme category.

The severe drought category applies to about 7 percent of the state compared to 36 percent three months ago. A moderate drought is reported in 17 percent of Oklahoma while three months ago, it was nearly 51 percent.

Thirty-nine percent of Oklahoma remains abnormally dry, a vast improvement from the 81 percent three months ago.

And virtually 61 percent of the state is reporting “No” drought or dry conditions.