Oklahoma pipeline developer wraps up corporate merger

Houston’s Cheniere Energy, Inc. and Cheniere Energy Partners LP Holdings, LLC have wrapped up their previously announced merger of Cheniere Partners Holdings with a wholly owned subsidiary of Cheniere.

As a result of the merger, all of the publiclyl-held shares of Cheniere Partners Holdings not owned by Cheniere were canceled . Shareholders received 0.4750 shares of common stock of Cheniere for each publicly-held share of Cheniere Partners Holdings and shares of Cheniere Partners Holdings will no longer trade on the New York Stock Exchange.


Cheniere Partners Holdings shareholders approved the merger by the written consent of approximately 97.6% of the total outstanding common shares, including approximately 70.4% of outstanding common shares excluding shares owned by Cheniere. Approximately 99.9% of all written consents delivered voted to approve the merger.

Cheniere Energy is the firm building a$1 billion Midship pipeline to carry natural gas from Kingfisher south to the state line.