Chesapeake files $1 billion senior notes plan with SEC

Oklahoma City’s Chesapeake Energy laid out details on Thursday of its more than $1 billion in sales of senior notes.

The company filed the plan with the Securities and Exchange Commission. (Click here to see filing.)

The plan involves the sale of $850,000 in 7% senior notes due 2024 and the sale of $400,000 in 7.5% senior notes due in 2026.

The guarantors include several subsidiaries of Chesapeake Energy Inc.


Chesapeake AEZ Exploration, L.L.C. Oklahoma
Chesapeake Appalachia, L.L.C. Oklahoma
Chesapeake-Clements Acquisition, L.L.C. Oklahoma
Chesapeake E&P Holding, L.L.C. Oklahoma
Chesapeake Energy Louisiana Corporation Oklahoma
Chesapeake Energy Marketing, L.L.C. Oklahoma
Chesapeake Exploration, L.L.C. Oklahoma
Chesapeake Land Development Company, L.L.C. Oklahoma
Chesapeake Louisiana, L.P. Oklahoma
Chesapeake Midstream Development, L.L.C. Oklahoma
Chesapeake NG Ventures Corporation Oklahoma
Chesapeake Operating, L.L.C. Oklahoma
Chesapeake Plains, LLC Oklahoma
Chesapeake Royalty, L.L.C. Oklahoma
Chesapeake VRT, L.L.C. Oklahoma
Compass Manufacturing, L.L.C. Oklahoma
EMLP, L.L.C. Oklahoma
Empress, L.L.C. Oklahoma
GSF, L.L.C. Oklahoma
MC Louisiana Minerals, L.L.C. Oklahoma
MC Mineral Company, L.L.C. Oklahoma
MidCon Compression, L.L.C. Oklahoma
Nomac Services, L.L.C. Oklahoma
Winter Moon Energy Corporation Oklahoma
Northern Michigan Exploration Company, L.L.C. Michigan
CHK Utica, L.L.C. Delaware
Sparks Drive SWD, Inc. Delaware
CHK Energy Holdings, Inc. Texas
Empress Louisiana Properties, L.P. Texas