Frac Map Technology Is Latest Diagnostic Tool Used In Energy Sector

Technological advances are being used more often as gamechangers in many industries today and the energy sector is no different. A Houston-based company is featuring a new platform that uses parallel processing with algorithms to determine fracture geometry for large, complex pad operations in multiple zones.

Reveal Energy Services recently announced it is enhancing IMAGE Frac™ pressure-based fracture maps. The platform enables the company’s geoscientists and completion engineers to rapidly and consistently compute 3D fracture map geometry of half-length, height, asymmetry, and azimuth without interpretation subjectivity and vital for operators to lower multizone completion cost and increase production.

The improvement to rapidly process large and complex projects while providing fracture geometry and other fracture attributes on several hundred to thousands of frac stages allows operators to take full advantage of the advances in machine learning and improve the predictability of their completion design performance.

“By continually developing our technology, we are enabling operators to extract further statistical data insight that leads to more meaningful and informed decisions that increase hydraulic fracturing efficiency,” said Sudhendu Kashikar, CEO of Reveal Energy Services.