Well completions for June 28-July 3

Here is the Weekly Completions Report.  The table below provides a summary of the Completion tickets (Form 1002A) that were published between June 28th and close of business on July 3rd (as nothing was filed yesterday).

The table includes the Initial Production data for Oil (b/d), Gas (MCF/d) and Water (b/d).

There are two links in the table:
– The SPOT link will take you to the well location on Google Maps.  If you need them, this will give you turn by turn directions to the well site.
– The DOCUMENT link will take you to the Completion ticket where you will be able to find additional information.

COUNTY Well name OPERATOR SCTN TWN RNG SPOT Completion Date Oil Gas Water Scan Date API Document
Blaine DUPREE BIA 1H-2215X CIMAREX ENERGY CO 22 16N 12W NW SW SW SW Dec-01-2017 285 1487 244 Jun-28-2018 01123774 500688904
Blaine PERINE BIA 1H-3229X CIMAREX ENERGY CO 32 16N 12W SE SW SW SW Nov-04-2017 1014 5834 1305 Jun-29-2018 01123779 500689218
Blaine LENARD TRUST 1-18-19XH CONTINENTAL RESOURCE 18 15N 12W NE NW NW NE Jan-08-2018 557 7543 2487 Jun-28-2018 01123847 500688901
Ellis WORD 2-30H PPP PETROLEUM LP 31 18N 24W NW NW NE NW Jan-11-2018 255 276 202 Jun-28-2018 04523546 500688986
Ellis WORD 2-31H PPP PETROLEUM LP 30 18N 24W NW SE SW SE Jun-12-2018 285 721 1368 Jul-02-2018 04523736 500689539
Ellis WORD 3-30H PPP PETROLEUM LP 31 18N 24W NE NE NE NW Jan-12-2018 472 914 374 Jun-28-2018 04523535 500688985
Garvin GANNETT 1-20-17 WXH CASILLAS OPERATING L 20 3N 3W SE SW SW SW Jun-27-2017 383 1187 1771 Jul-02-2018 04925116 500689551
Garvin HARKREADER 2-11 CITATION OIL & GAS C 11 1N 3W NE SW SE NW Oct-23-2017 101 309 425 Jul-03-2018 04924935 500690267
Garvin HOPE 1-5 RANKEN ENERGY CORPOR 5 3N 2W SW NW SE SW Jun-27-2018 Jun-28-2018 04925117 500688909
McClain WHETSTONE 1-25-36-WXH CASILLAS OPERATING L 25 6N 4W SW NW NW NE Aug-04-2017 52 50 2333 Jul-02-2018 08722076 500689579
Okmulgee DUNCAN 2-A SHANKS ROBERT BOB 5 14N 15E SE SW SE SW Aug-10-2016 Jul-02-2018 11127502 500689795
Stephens CELESTA 4R-5-32XH CONTINENTAL RESOURCE 5 2N 4W SW SW SE SW Dec-31-2017 406 623 2967 Jul-02-2018 13727502 500689461