Oil and gas rig count slipped in Oklahoma but grew nationwide in past week

The latest rig counts show Oklahoma slipped by one in the past week while the national count grew by 2 to reach 1,048 working oil and gas rigs.

The state count dropped to 137 compared to one week ago. Nationally, the count saw the number of oil rigs grow by 3 to reach 861 while the number of working gas rigs dropped one to 186.

The U.S. count as of this month is 90 more than the 958 working rigs reported one year ago. In Canada this past week, the count grew by 12 to 223.

Texas grew by one to 524 working rigs while in Kansas, the county dropped 2 to reach 47. Colorado remained at 32 while Louisiana saw a drop of 4 rigs to reach 52. New Mexico continues growing on the production of the Permian Basin and saw its count grow by one to 104. North Dakota added one rig to reach 57.

Of the oil plays, t he Woodfords in Oklahoma remained at 9 while the Granite Wash added two to reach 14. The Mississippian remained at 5 while the monster Permian Basin added four to reach 480.

The Eagle Ford in South Texas dropped one to 80 while the D-J Niobrara in  Colorado remained at 25.