Campaign money for Corporation Commission run-offs

With six weeks remaining in the Democratic and Republican run-off elections for Corporation Commissioner, one thing is clear. The two Republican candidates received vast more campaign money from contributors than did either of the two Democratic candidates.

The last campaign contribution report filed by the four candidates was in June immediately prior to the June 26 primary election. Corporation Commission Bob Anthony received the most money with a total  $360,000 in a loan to himself and another $155,775 in PAC and individual contributions resulting in  a total of $453,159.145 in contributions. His campaign report on file with the Oklahoma Ethics Commission showed he spent $373,702.69 in the primary race and was left with a balance of $135,631.45 for the run-off against former State Senate President pro tempore Brian Bingman.

Of all  candidates,  it was clear the energy companies gave their money to Anthony. PACs from CenterPoint Energy, Chesapeake Energy, Devon Energy, Marathon Oil Company, Newfield Energy, Nextera Energy and Union Pacific contributed thousands to the sitting commissioner. The largest was $5,000 from Marathon Oil.

As for Bingman, he was left with $149,408.51 for the run-off against Anthony. He listed $5,000 in PACs and received a total of $418,029 in contributions. Plus, Bingman loaned his campaign $100,000 and spent $242,222.20 in the primary election race.

On the Democratic side, Ashley Nicole McCray who received 48.79% of the votes received $1,868 in contributions and spent only $557.65, leaving her a balance of $1,310.35.

Her opponent,  Blake Ccummings received $11,845.56 including his personal loan of $10,000. He spent $2,812.41 in the primary and headed into the run-off with a balance of $7,662.59.

Cummings received only 22,17% of the votes. But with two other candidates in the race for the Democratic nomination, he was able to force McCray into the run-off which will be decided August 28.