Most expensive Attorney General race in Oklahoma history

As Oklahoma Attorney General, Mike Hunter has been heavily involved in energy issues, especially those before the State Corporation Commission.

But if he wants to continue his energy fights, including opposition to PSO’s Wind Catcher wind farm and its transmission lines, he has to make it past Tuesday’s hotly-contested challenge from Tulsa businessman Gentner Drummond.

Both are Republicans and the race has become one filled with negative campaign advertisements.  It has also been an expensive race for the two as Drummond has loaned $1.3 million to his campaign and also taken another $460,000 from donors.

Hunter has loaned $450,000 to his campaign and raised more than $1 million from contributors. That’s a combined $4 million spent by the two candidates making it the state’s most expense race for Attorney General.

The two have exchange attack ads with Drummond labeling Hunter a former Washington D.C. lobbyist and saying Hunter spent ten years in the D.C. swamp making millions. Hunter has responded with ads going after Drummond for allegedly making a living by foreclosing on hundreds of family homes. Drummond has been a banker, cattle rancher and Tulsa lawyer. He also has advertised that he is a veteran Air Force combat pilot.

Don’t forget. There’s a third candidate for the GOP nomination. Angela Bonilla is running but has raised about $1,400.

There is a possibility a run-off election could result from the primary election. Whoever wins the GOP nomination will take on Democrat Mark Myles in November. He has raised only about $7,300 through early June.