Major Firms in Oil Drilling Software Fight

As Tulsa’s Helmerich and Payne International Drilling Company moves ahead with a software fight with Schlumberger Technology Corporation, a Tulsa federal judge has issued a ruling excluding part of the fight.

U.S. District Magistrate Judge Frank H. McCarthy recently ruled that Schlumberger’s defense regarding “rig of the future” software technology is not appropriate for discovery in the lawsuit. It means Schlulmberger cannot discuss the “right of the future” as it defends itself in the lawsuit.

The suit stems from an agreement Helmerich and Payne made in 2017 with Omron Oilfield and Marine, Inc., a predecessor to Schlumberger Technology. The agreement was to produce software source for the Omron version of the rig control software.

When Helmerich and Payne hired two former Schlumberger employees, Schlumberger notified the firm it was partially revoking its rights to modify and made works of the software.