Marathon Reports Pair of Large Wells in Blaine County

Marathon Oil is reporting two of three recently-completed wells in Blaine County have production of more than 2,000 Boed.

The largest had total production of 2,248 Boed. The Alta Bia, located at 31 15N 11W had a February spud date with the end of drilling in April and completion in May 2017.

The Landreth well is located northwest of the community of Greenfield (14 15N 11W) and had a May 21 spud date. Drilling by the Houston, Texas company finished in July and the completion date was July 29, 2017.

Total production was 2,049 Boe/d.

Marathon had one other completion in Blaine County. The Redman had total production of 1,796 Boed. It had a June spud date. Drilling finished in August and completion was made later in the month.