U.S. and Oklahoma Show Decline in Active Rig Count

Canada led the way with the addition of 3 new rigs last week while the U.S. rig count dropped by a total of six, according to the Baker Hughes rig count released on Friday.

Canada now has a total of 217 rigs, up 71 rigs when compared with last year’s count of 46.

The U.S. rig count fell by six to reach 940 active rigs. Overall, the U.S. is showing an increase of 451 rigs from last year’s figure of 489.

Oklahoma’s rig count fell by one with a total of 130 rigs. Oklahoma remains up by 68 from last year’s count of 62.

Texas lost three rigs and is now sitting at 456 active rigs, up 219 rigs since last year’s count of 237.

North Dakota and Louisiana took top honors for growth this week with each state gaining one rig.

Louisiana added a new rig for a new total of 66. Louisiana’s rig count has grown by 24 from last year’s count of 42. North Dakota has gained 25 rigs from last year’s count of 27 for a new total of 52 active rigs.

According to the Red Top Rig Report, the Kansas rig count also fell by one to reach 35 active rigs. Last year, Kansas had 34 rigs at this time.

South central Oklahoma’s Cana Woodford play added two new rigs, reaching 69 working rigs. The Granite Wash area of western Oklahoma added one to hit 15. The Haynesville play in along the Texas/Louisiana border also claimed one new rig for a total of 46. The Utica and Williston plays grew by one each to hit 30 and 52 working rigs respectively.

While the Permian Basin in Texas and New Mexico remains the nation’s biggest oil and gas play with 377 active rigs, the Marcellus is down by three rigs for a total of 43. The Mississippian play in northwestern Oklahoma lost a rig to reach a new total of 4. The Eagle Ford play is also down one rig for a total of 74 active rigs.