Continental Resources Reports Large Gas Wells in STACK and SCOOP

Oklahoma City’s Continental Resources Inc. is reporting success in both oil and gas production from wells in the SCOOP and STACK.

Completion reports published by OK Energy Today show the company brought in a well producing 1,347 barrels of oil equivalent a day near Chickasha in Grady County. Located north of Highway 62 and at 15 7N 6W, the Robinson well was spudded in February with drilling finished in April and completion made in May. It also produced 1,610 Mcf of gas.

But Continental also had two large natural gas wells.

Continental hit a large natural gas well was in Custer County, 6 14N 14W about two miles southeast of Thomas and north of Weatherford. The James Miller well’s gas production totaled 11,614 Mcf from the Woodford and Mississippian.

A second gas well, the Marc, 8 13N 12W in Blaine county had a completion report showing natural gas production of 12,070 from the Woodford formation. The spud date was October of last year with drilling finished in December and completion reported in June 2017.

Ward Petroleum Corporation brought in the largest natural gas well this week. The Lynda produced 15,996 Mcf. Located two miles south of Alex, 26 5N 6W in Grady County, it had a spud date in October of last year. Drilling finished in January and completion happened in March 2017. It was drilled in the Mississippian formation and also produced 861 barrels of oil equivalent a day.