McCain Irked at EPA Director’s Attitude toward Probe of Colorado Gold Mine Spill

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency might have some serious explaining to do before the U.S. Senate Indian Affairs Committee where Sen. John McCain wants her subpoenaed to answer questions about last summer’s Gold King Mine disaster in Colorado.

McCain, the Senator from Arizona, made his call Wednesday during a committee hearing to subpoena EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy to appear at the Committee’s approaching field hearing in Phoenix. Since the spill sent three million gallons of toxic wastewater in August 2015 onto Indian land, the committee is investigating the EPA and its involvement.

“It’s my understanding that the EPA has decided not to send a representative to this field hearing,” said the Senator. “EPA’s response is unacceptable. It’s a violation of our obligation to protect the interests of Native Americans and their tribes and EPA must be present at this time.”

Committee chairman John Barrasso (R-WY) pledged to work with Senator McCain in issuing a subpoena to McCarthy.

Oklahoma U.S. Senator James Lankford is a member of the committee.