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EPA coal ash rules rollback won’t affect Oklahoma

The decision by the Environmental Protection Agency to roll back 2015 Obama administration rules targeting the storage and disposal of coal ash will apparently have no impact on enforcement in Oklahoma. At least that’s the indication from the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality which was put in charge of the coal ash enforcement in 2018, …

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EPA formally rolls back Obama-era coal ash rules

The Environmental Protection Agency is rolling back Obama administration rules governing the storage and disposal of coal ash, rules intended to prevent the toxic waste from getting into waterways. The rules were implemented in 2015 and required energy plants that burned coal to dispose of the powder by using wastewater treatment technology. At the time, …

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Abandoned metal yard in Henryetta could soon be a Superfund site

The Environmental Protection Agency announced a former metal salvage yard at Henryetta, Oklahoma could soon become a priority Superfund site. The Henryetta Iron and Metal site, comprised of three acres was tested by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality which found the soils, groundwater and a nearby creek are contaminated with metals, polyaromatic hydrocarbons and …

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EPA announces reversal of biofuel mandate policy

Small petroleum refineries in 2020 will get partial exemptions from biofuel blending requirements rather than approval or denial of full exemptions according to an announcement made this week by the EPA. It is a reversal of the agency’s approach and is a move that will maintain minimum volumes of biofuel to be blended into the …

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Environmentalists complain of EPA’s latest cleanup of Tar Creek Pollution

  Environmentalists express disappointment in the EPA’a newest proposed plan to clean up the Tar Creek Superfund site in northeast Oklahoma. The Tulsa World  reports the Remedial Investigation Report left critics hoping for more. Click here to read the story.  

EPA signs off on Arkansas’ regional haze plan

EPA has given final approval to an Arkansas regional haze reduction plan that rolls back Obama-era requirements for sulfur dioxide scrubbers on two high-polluting power plants. “States are best suited to run their clean-air programs, and Arkansas’ clean air plan gives our state partner the flexibility needed to improve its air quality,” EPA Region 6 …

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Private firm acquires EPA Regional headquarters building in KC

The building where the Region 7 headquarters of the Environmental Protection Agency are located in Lenexa, Kansas has a new owner. Washington, D.C.-based Easterly Government Properties announced its acquisition of the 169,585-square foot building. The EPA is the only tenant in the GSA-leased office building. The company did not disclose details of its purchase. The …

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Iowa corn farmers still in shock over EPA decision

  The move by the EPA to grant 31 hardship waivers for oil refiners from requirements to blend biofuels into their gasoline continues sending a shock wave among Iowa corn farmers. As POLITICO’s Morning Energy Report noted this week, Iowa politicians remain in disbelief while Democratic Presidential candidates are attempting to take advantage of the …

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Oklahoman named to head EPA’s American Indian Environmental Office

The EPA has named Oklahoman W. Scott Mason IV to be the agency’s new director for the American Indian Environmental Office in the EPA’s Office of International and Tribal Affairs. A Citizen of the Cherokee Nation, Scott is a 5th generation western Oklahoman. He earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from The University of Oklahoma. …

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EPA says RFS waivers are ‘confidential’

The EPA will not identify the 31 refineries that received renewable fuel stand waivers announced last week. The waivers were from annual renewable volume obligations and created more bipartisan pressure from corn and oil states on the Trump administration. EPA’s announcement included the rejection of six other exemption applications, along with a statement of intent …

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