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Additional headlines of energy stories

** The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued notices to 15 states for failure to submit plans for air pollution reduction, four months after a lawsuit on the matter from a coalition of environmental groups. The states receiving notices are Alabama, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and …

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Solar projects underway for Kanas electric cooperative

  An electric cooperative based in Topeka, Kansas has started work on creation of three new solar projects. FreeState Electric Cooperative and Evergy are working together on the project that will yield a combined 3.4 MW of renewable energy production reported DailyEnergy Insider. Click here for DailyEnergy Insider

Dallas-Fort Worth considered as possible site for $2 billion solar plant

  Dallas city leaders are hoping their city is chosen as the site of a $2 billion solar equipment manufacturing plant to be built by Q Cells, a subsidiary of South Korean company Hanwha Solutions. Q Cells has yet to announce its choice of a site but the Dallas Morning News reported locations in South …

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University of Arkansas makes deal for off-campus solar power

  Entergy and the University of Arkansas are joining efforts to allow the university to buy electrical power from an off-campus solar farm to be built by the utility. The University expects to save $200,000 in its first year and eventually millions of dollars over the next 25 years according a report by the University …

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Headlines of energy stories in US and world

**Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm faced criticism on social media Sunday after she said Americans being crushed by the weight of inflation can lower their energy costs by installing solar panels at a 30% discount under the Inflation Reduction Act. ** The Biden administration is expected to unveil a series of executive actions aimed at regulating emissions from …

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Missouri ends solar tax break as Biden signed IRA

  After being on the books for nearly a decade in Missouri, a solar tax break was abruptly halted this week by the Missouri Supreme Court as President Biden signed his Inflation Reduction Act into law, one that provides expanded breaks for the solar industry. The Associated Press reported the court ruled the state constitution …

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Dallas is possible site for major new solar manufacturing plant

  Dallas could become the site of a major new solar-industry manufacturing plant. Hanwha Q Cells is considering Dallas County as the site for a massive new facility reported Bloomberg. Dallas is one of the sites in addition to others in Georgia and South Carolina. Click here for Bloomberg

No lack of other energy headlines

** Some Alaska environmental advocates say the proposed congressional climate bill “causes more harm than good” by requiring oil and gas leasing and incentivizing critical mineral mining. ** Analysts are skeptical of the U.S. mining industry’s ability to produce enough electric vehicle battery minerals to meet deadlines in the proposed congressional climate bill. ** A company proposes using abandoned oil wells to explore …

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Other energy headlines

** A tax credit of up to $7,500 could be used to defray the cost of an electric vehicle under the Inflation Reduction Act now moving toward final approval in Congress. But the auto industry is warning that the vast majority of EV purchases won’t qualify for a tax credit that large. ** The landmark climate legislation passed by …

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Texas too dependent on renewable energy for power?

  One energy writer contends wind generation is not dependable in Texas and often falls when power demand increases. In short, Robert Bryce says the state is too reliant on weather-dependent renewables. It’s what he wrote in RealClear Energy. Click here for RealClear Energy