September 27, 2022 archive

Permits to drill for September 27, 2022

Carter County COURBET #16-15-9XHM, September 27 2022 15 1S 3W NESWNESE API: 01926514 Lat: 34.46862283600604, Long: -97.49538571656689 CONTINENTAL RESOURCES INC MU, DR, 18086 ft, SYCAMORE(7919) Creek County BADGER #A3, September 27 2022 11 18N 7E W2SWSENE API: 03729498 Lat: 36.054705432804894, Long: -96.53423994919929 ENTERPRISE ENERGY EXPLORATION INC SH, DR, 3500 ft, CLEVELAND(2080), BIG LIME(2380), SKINNER 404SKNR 2660 8 …

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Completion reports for September 27, 2022

TEXAS COUNTY Ovintiv Usa Inc Mississippian(8981): Oil 1606 Gas 2918 Water 2186 Flow 18 17N 9W Rosia 1709 3h-18x, April 21, 2022 HH, OIL, TD: 19506 ft Lat: 35.95392, Long: -98.19805 API: 35073267850001

Is Hamm’s buyout offer looking better for Continental Resources shareholders?

  Three months after billionaire Harold Hamm offered $70 a share to take his Continental Resources company private, the offer is looking better and better. Shares in the Oklahoma City company managed a 1.68% gain or $1.05 on Tuesday to finish trading at $63.70 a share. Shortly after Hamm made his original offer, one valued …

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Crude oil prices rebounded along with Oklahoma energy stocks

  Up one day, down the next seems to be the pattern of crude oil prices. On Tuesday, they finished the day up $2 from a nine-month low, mostly because of supply curbs ahead of Hurricane Ian in the U.S. Oklahoma energy stocks rebounded as well. West Texas Intermediate crude for November delivery finished up …

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Forever chemicals and EPA could awaken a sleeping Oklahoma

  “A sleeping giant. Surprised at the lack of attention.” It’s how Oklahoma City energy lawyer Tim Sowecke of the Crowe & Dunlevy law firm described the impact on Oklahoma by the Environmental Protection Agency as it seeks to crack down on the use of those “forever” chemicals. He suggests what the EPA is proposing …

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GOP runoff loser in Texas Railroad Commission race endorses Democrat

  So much for party loyalty. In Texas, oil and gas attorney Sarah Stogner, the woman who forced a runoff in the Republican primary for the Texas Railroad Commission came out this week in support of the Democrat in the race rather than her formal rival, Wayne Christian. She announced her endorsement of Luke Warford who …

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Coal-fired power plant to end operations in northwest New Mexico

  After 50 years of producing electrical power in northwest New Mexico, the coal-fired San Juan Generating Station near Farmington will halt this week. The future of the plant is still in doubt because the City of Farmington and a development company hope to continue running the facility reported the Albuquerque Journal. Click here for …

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Broadband funding draws support in Oklahoma legislature

The recommendation of an Oklahoma legislative committee for funding to address broadband issues in the state drew support from some legislators. One was Rep. Logan Phillips, R-Mounds, who praised the Oklahoma House and Senate Joint Committee on Pandemic Relief Funding for its focus on addressing broadband issues through projects members advanced. The projects advanced during the …

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Senator accuses Biden of political abuse of Strategic Petroleum Reserve

  One of Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford’s colleagues on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee, Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming accused President Biden of politically abusing the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve. “Instead of unleashing more American energy, President Biden uses America’s emergency reserves to solve a short-term political problem,” said the Republican Senator in …

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Hot weather and growing fire danger

  As temperatures in Oklahoma slowly drop into the 80s and low 90s, there’s still a growing threat. Lack of rainfall. It means increased chances of wildfires in the state according to State Climatologist Gary McManus. Writing this week in his Mesonet report, McManus said fire dangers will grow as vegetation starts to die and …

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