Drillers show more interest in Canadian County

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As we’ve noted, Canadian County, one of the counties that make up the STACK has been getting growing interest from oil and gas exploration companies.

Chaparral Energy LLC and Ovintiv are two firms that received recent permits to drill from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

Chaparral Energy has an amended permit for the FAIRWEATHER 1207 #2SMHX-13-12, located at 13 12N 7W, a site about 3 miles east of El Reno along old Highway 66.

Ovintiv (formerly EnCana Corporation) | Tethys

Once again, Ovintiv isn’t planning just one well but four on the same pad. It obtained permits to drill the HUFNAGEL 1407 #2H-28XXHUFNAGEL 1407 #3H-28XXHUFNAGEL 1407 #4H-28XX, and HUFNAGEL 1407 #5H-33X wells at 04 13N 7
W, a site about 5 miles north of El Reno along highway 281.

Further details on the wells and those from other permits can be viewed at the Well Reports section of OK Energy Today.


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